• Panoramic view to the settlements of Katutura Township
  • Family visit at eye level and come together in front of the house in Katutura
  • Playground of a kindergarden in a Namibian township
  • Local market offering Namibian barbecue specialities with meat
  • Local fruitseller arranging oranges in Katutura

Katutura (Windhoek)

An encounter of hopes and dreams

Namibia is still a developing country and if you are open for a different life beyond sun, desert and game viewing, join us for a tour to a black township. See firsthand the types of businesses that have sprung up in what is a surprisingly organized township. Our stroll will lead you to the markets of Katutura (Windhoek), where you can buy crispy chicken, fruits and woodcraft. Try a bowl of the essential daily diet for most Africans, "Omahango", also called "millie-pap". This is a (maize) meal porridge cooked with sugar, milk and margarine. Spice it up with some bits of goat meat, fish or baobab fruits. Visit an African hair salon where you may also see firsthand the varied hairstyles made from all types of artistic braids created by professional hairstylists. Once you are ready for lunch or dinner in a restaurant, we suggest "La Marmerite" in Katutura. This place serves African dishes with meat and a variety of sauces.

"The place where we do not want to stay" - in the language of the Otjiherero people, that is the meaning of "Katutura". In times during the apartheid policy of the ruling South African government, the black majority were deported to this area. Today, now that the apartheid system has ended, everyone is free to move to whatever district they want. In Windhoek more than 120.000 have made their home in Katutura, creating an area that has wide streets and vibrant businesses.

No pretentions but a human encounter at eye-level

We know visits to a township can be a delicate issue. There are jerrie-built shacks, sometimes seemingly even a lot of misery. This could trigger some uneasiness for travellers. But once they get out of their airconditioned cars and start walking around, travellers experience something different in their journey. Residents can have the same uneasiness. They get the impression they are on a stage and being stared at. This is why we do not ask anyone to perform a traditional dance, just for tourists. Neither do we encourage women singing songs for you and opening their hands for a few coins afterwards. Instead we give you a human encounter at eye level. No pretensions. Your tour guide Floyd Hambira spent his childhood right here in Katutura. He knows the area like the back of his hand. People there trust him and feel honoured that he brings visitors along.

Rate for a 2-hours tour to Katutura:

26 Euro per Person (in an own car)
33 Euro in a taxi (Minimum 2 persons)

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