Southern Namibia

Fish River Canyon

Breathtaking natural wonder

Creation of the second largest canyon in the world

With a depth of 550 meters, a length of about 160 kilometers and a width of up to 27 kilometers, the Fish River Canyon is Africa's largest in southern Namibia and the second largest canyon in the world after the Grand Canyon in the USA. Among other things, the mighty canyon was created by Namibia's longest river, the 650-kilometer Fish River, which rises from the Naukluft Mountains and flows into the Orange River. For millions of years he ate his way deeper and deeper through the rock. In dry times, you can only recognize the river from the edge of the gorge as a thin stream or as individual waterholes. However, if it has rained a lot, the rush of the water masses can be heard up to the top. Visit the canyon

Our tip: We recommend self-drivers to approach the canyon from the north. The gorge looks particularly impressive at sunset, then you experience an imposing play of colors.

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