Central Namibia

Twyfelfontein Country Lodge

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The lodge is nestled at the foot of Twyfelfontein sandstone formations, with sweeping views of the vast plain of the Aba-Huab valley, just 4 km from the famous Twyfelfontein rock engravings. The house is a bit bigger, but very pleasant and wonderfully integrated into the landscape.

Rustic cosiness and stylish elegance need not be mutually exclusive: the traditionally designed Twyfelfontein Country Lodge blends in organically with the surrounding rocky mountain panorama and yet looks chic with its grass garden and kidney-shaped pool. They are an excellent choice for nature-loving vacationers with a penchant for atmospheric desert landscapes.

Highlights of Twyfelfontein Country Lodge

  • Top location on a UNESCO World Heritage Valley
  • Varied offer of activities
  • Many prehistoric murals in the area
  • Overnight in wonderfully cozy rooms

The lodge also offers a drive to the desert elephants. You should not miss this!


Experienced and well-trained staff will accompany you on excursions in the area. Other than trips to the murals of Twyfelfontein, there are other unique things to do and see.

  • Guided tours where animals are observed like desert elephants and the visitor learns about the area
  • Exploration of the southern sky by telescope and with in-house astronomer
  • Moonlight dinner
  • Guided hiking tours
  • Visit of the living museum of Damara and getting to know its traditional culture
  • Also visit the dolerite pillars, known as "organ pipes", and the "Burnt Mountain"