Northern Namibia

Finger Cliff

The finger cliff (mostly and afrikaans Vingerklip, rarely English Rock Finger) is a rock needle made up of sedimentary rock strata of the Tertiary about 80 km southwest of the city Outjo and about 50 km east of the city Khorixas in the northwest of Namibia. The finger cliff is an erosion remnant, a sort of mini-witness mountain of a stratum, which extends further east parallel to and north of the Ugab. Like the finger cliff, this layer consists of deposits of Tertiary forerunners of the Ugab river system and surmounts the recent valley of the Ugab by up to 160 meters. These deposits are mainly carbonaceous sandstones and conglomerates.

The tip of the finger cliff is located at 929 m above sea level, the rock itself is about 35 meters high and has at its base a circumference of 44 meters. In addition to the finger cliff there are in the area still some more, some significantly larger erosion residues of this layer stage, that is "real" witness mountains in the form of table mountains.

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