Holidays in Namibia - travel advice and recommendations

Watch elephants take a mud bath, surf the sand dunes or get married in the Namib Sand Sea? There are ample opportunities to discover and experience Namibia during a trip. Have a look and get inspired what international travellers from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, USA, Australia, Japan and Italy would recommend:


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06/05/2019 // Marcel Koell, Frankreich

The journey was beautiful

Today we came home from our trip at about twelve o'clock.

Thank you for your advice and y... Read more

04/08/2017 // Peter Schiffels and family

3 weeks through Namibia and Botswana / Soccer, Big Five and much more ...

Our third trip with African Desk and our guide and friend Floyd (after 2010 and 2014) took us to ... Read more

19/09/2018 // Imme, Stefan, Cecilia and Mathis from Berlin, Germany

Namibia: strange, friendly, beautiful

We have fulfilled a travel wish and travelled as a family of four (with adult children) for three... Read more

21/05/2017 // Konstantin N. with family Vienna, Austria

Highlight Namibia: Hot air balloon ride over the Namib Desert

We went on a guided tour through Namibia with our 15-year-old daughter for two weeks. A real high... Read more

07/09/2017 // Sandra, René, Thorben & Lars van Oosterhout Kamerik, Netherlands

Excellent choice of accommodation, activities and excursions

In the summer of 2017, we made a fantastic round trip through Namibia and Botswana, where we were... Read more