Highlight Namibia: Hot air balloon ride over the Namib Desert

05/21/2017 // Konstantin N. with family Vienna, Austria

We went on a guided tour through Namibia with our 15-year-old daughter for two weeks. A real highlight during the trip was the hot air balloon flight over the Namib Desert. It was probably so special, because we did it for the first time and in addition, we saw this amazing landscape! Our travel guide Simon did his job very well, he was very helpful and took good care. In Etosha he was really in his element - without him we wouldn't have seen half as many animals we finally saw. It was impressive!

First, he was a bit reserved, which is more than normal... then he thawed up and we had really interesting discussions during the long drives and dinners. Our friends have been asking us the whole time why we picked Namibia of all places. I think, if they see our photos and the comments now, they will understand us and want to visit this beautiful country as well.