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This is a time journey to Namibia's hunters and collectors - the San (Bushmen).

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African Desk is a tour operator in Swakopmund (Namibia) that promotes encounters between travelers from all over the world and the Namibian people for their Namibia holiday. African Desk is working on an equal footing with multi-lingual, local travel guides for cultural exchange.
At African Desk you will find hands-on tours and authentic travel experiences from Namibia written down by our clients, who have spent their holidays in Namibia with friends or family and have enriched and expanded returned to their home.


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There are places that should not be missing in your Namibia holiday - we present some of them here. Including the highest dunes in the world in "Sossusvlei", which glow in apricot or pink colors when the sun rises. Windhoek as Namibia's capital, where people of all colors live together peacefully. The Etosha National Park with its biodiversity in barren surroundings.

UNESCO world heritage



Namibia's capital of all colours



4760 km ² Etosha pan

Etosha Nationalpark


African Desk

African Desk has existed since 2001 and is an active member of the "Namibia Tourism Board", a governmental organization that ensures that tourism services meet the highest quality standards. Owner is Elizabeth de Beer. The office of African Desk is located in the Woermannhaus, the most famous historic building centrally in the center of Swakopmund, a coastal town with 22,000 inhabitants.

African Desk is a travel agency in Swakopmund (Namibia), which is engaged in individual travel to Namibia for international understanding, tolerance and mutual respect. We impart travelers from overseas everyday life, culture and values of the peoples of Namibia. African Desk explicitly encourages remote village communities to participate in tourism through community tourism. We inspire a vibrant and humane connection between guests, tour guides, farm owners or other local Namibian companies. We call this "cultural exchange at eye level". As an intercultural "Training on the job" we train and support our travel guides through the impartation of cultural knowledge. The African Desk continues to support numerous social projects, such as kindergartens and schools in Swakopmund, and provides sponsorships for low-income families.

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