3 weeks through Namibia and Botswana / Soccer, Big Five and much more ...

08/04/2017 // Peter Schiffels and family

Our third trip with African Desk and our guide and friend Floyd (after 2010 and 2014) took us to known as well as new regions of the two fascinating countries Namibia and Botswana. We started again in Epukiro in the Omaheke region and visited the Morokutu Primary School again. Here almost 300 school children welcomed us with songs and dances. For our 12-year-old football enthusiastic son, football matches were organized as in the past trips, and the girls played netball. There was a sporting festival atmosphere.

Now we went on to Botswana in the Okawango Delta, which we had not travelled to before. During one of our Mokoro trips we had close contact with a hippopotamus and elephants. Sitting defenceless in a Mokoro the respect for the animals became even greater. One can enjoy the nature very calmly and observe birds very well. Also, the game drives in the Okawango Delta were unique. The guides are very well networked, which was very helpful in finding the ‘beautiful spotted cat’. We saw our first leopard there, who was even out with her offspring. Especially great was the encounter with a magnificent lion and with 3 African wild dogs, which we could observe at close range. Then we continued through the Chobe National Park to Kasane. From the Namibian Impalila Island, opposite Kasane, we took again adventurous game drives with the motorboat and experienced numerous elephants, hippos and crocodiles. Different bird species can be found here in large number as well.

After further stays at the Kwando River and at the Okavango, where we had the chance to experience impressive wildlife and great football matches for our son, we went to Etosha with a stopover in Grootfontein. We crossed the Etosha Park with 3 stops and crowned our already great wildlife experiences. We sighted a cheetah with her offsprings and could observe these long and extensively. Also, the endangered and unfortunately still by poachers hunted rhinos we found in Etosha. Now we had only 3 days left. We spent 2 of them near Waterberg, where we visited the Cheetah Conservation Fund, which is dedicated to protecting cheetahs. Now there was only one night left near Windhoek before we went to visit the city Windhoek and Katutura which we already knew. Then we had to fly home in the evening.

Thanks to the great planning by African Desk and Floyd it was again a great and unforgettable holiday in Africa. Thanks also to Simon, who accompanied us during the last 2 days of our trip. Africa - see you again!