Excellent choice of accommodation, activities and excursions

09/07/2017 // Sandra, René, Thorben & Lars van Oosterhout Kamerik, Netherlands

In the summer of 2017, we made a fantastic round trip through Namibia and Botswana, where we were overjoyed by the organization and support of African Desk. It started many months before with the preparations. We had far too many wishes and wanted to explore Namibia in three weeks. Elizabeth has helped us very well to organize a dream trip within our financial resources with much patience and good ideas. She made excellent choices, not just about accommodation, but also activities and excursions.

From the moment we landed in Windhoek, Elizabeth made sure that everything went according to plan and was always available for questions at our disposal. We needed nowhere to worry about and could fully enjoy! It was especially nice when during our stay in Swakopmund, we were invited by Elizabeth at her home for dinner. We got to know each other personally and had a very comfortable evening together.

The whole trip was accompanied by a guide. The first half of our round trip took Simon with us. What have we had a lot of fun! Simon is a very friendly and reliable young man who has told us a lot about his country and the people who live there. We were even allowed to meet his wife and pretty little daughter Grace. That was a special meeting and also shows how personal his travel companion was.

The second part of the journey went from Etosha over the Caprivistreifen to Botswana and Zimbabwe. Floyd was our guide. Floyd is a very experienced guide, with a very calm charisma that has always told us a lot and proudly about his country. He showed us an incredible amount of things on the way, but his patience in searching for animals was unsurpassable. In this way, we have seen the Big Five several times. Floyd loves to sing and play the guitar, which he likes to do with our kids. Since we wanted to stay as close as possible to the animals, we were also more dependent on ourselves. But Floyd's presence has given us a lot of security and confidence in these new situations. We enjoyed cooking together over an open fire, spending many pleasant evenings together.

It was an unforgettable trip for all of us and would recommend anyone to book through African Desk.

Best regards, Sandra, Rene, Thorben & Lars van Oosterhout Kamerik, Netherlands