Central Namibia

Guestfarm Hohewarte

Kategorie: Einfach

Situated only 45 km from Windhoek at the foot of the Bismarck Mountain, you will find the Guestfarm, Hohewarte in the utter tranquility of the Thorn bush savannah, the ideal place to recover from a long flight. To soak in the energy of the African continent, or to end your Namibian trip! The buildings originate from 1904 during Colonial times, when the German troops still used them as a police station and post offices. Today, having been renovated lovingly, the main building offers 4 guestrooms, each with a separate bath, and an suite. 2 additional guestrooms can be found in a bungalow close to the farm pool. A new, but modeled on to the historical old building, bungalow with 2 double rooms and veranda is also available.

Exquisite farm cuisine

Besides the intercontinental, breakfast, the farm kitchen also offers many game, vegetable and other meat specialties. The dining room, with it's high ceiling, invites one to gather around the fire place for a coffee after supper.

Other than that, one can also enjoy meals on the veranda, as well as a fantastic view, of the surrounding savannah and Bismarck Mountain. There is also a possibility of seeing a grazing gemsbok, a zebra, cheetah, leopard or ibex. At night, the clear skies sparkel with Orion's belt and Pleiades.

Special offers of guestfarm Hohewarte :

  • Hiking of 30 minute to 3/12 hours
  • Tour on Bismarck Mountain (2270 m)
  • Nature or game hike (guided - if you wish)
  • Nature or game drives
  • Day tours to the surroundings (also Windhoek)
  • Horse rides for beginners and other into the savannah
  • Swimming Pool