Northern Namibia

Okaukuejo Restcamp

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Okaukuejo is situated at the Southern Centre of the pan, and about 120 km north of Outjo and 15 km from Anderson gate, the western entrance to the park. It currently also functions as the adminitrative hub of the Park. As with every one of the three resorts in the park, Okaukuejo also has a waterhole which is floodlit at night, giving you an opportunity to see some of the shy, nocturnal wildlife. The animals that come appear to be oblivious of the resort - unaware of the bright lights or the people sitting on benches just behind the low stone wall. The light doesn't penetrate into the surrounding bush. It creates something of a stage - with the water at its centre - focusing the attention on the animals that come to drink. During the dry season, you're bound to see something of interest by just sitting here for a few hours in the evening - so bring a couple of drinks, binoculars, and some warm clothes to settle down and wait. Among the regulars are elephants and jackals, while lion and black rhino often visit in the dry season.

Please take note: Resorts must be reached before sunset and may only be left after sunrise. The speed-limit in Etosha National Park is 60 km/h.

Accommodation and facilities at Okaukuejo Restcamp:

  • Luxury suites and standard bungalows
  • Camping sites with barbecue facilities and power points. Communal ablution facilities
  • Picnic sites and field kitchens are available to day visitors
  • Swimming pool
  • Restaurant